Quality to the power of three

The ASSYX DuroBOARD® - Produced fully automatically, made only of the best materials with highest precision, board by board, delivered just in time, this is material quality, manufacture quality, supply- and service quality combined. Quality to the power of three made by ASSYX!

The ASSYX DuroBOARD® consists of a composite material that combines the perfect physical features of both wood and polyurethane, the most commonly used industrial plastic material in applications requiring abrasion resistance under static or dynamic load. And wood is one of the oldest construction materials, used for centuries in mines, roofs and even piling in Venice. Polyurethane is used in many day to day applications from mixer shovels to roller skate wheels and from transportation belts to skis and running shoes.

The ASSYX DuroBOARD® stands for absolute sustainability. The wooden core of renewable raw materials is extremely durable thanks to its polyurethane cover. This really saves the environment.


® = registered Trademark of COVESTRO Group


…an ingenious combination of two components: wood and polyurethane.
Light as wood but nevertheless as durable as steel!



  • The complete all-around polyurethane coating of the wooden core is both impact and wear resistant and gives guaranteed protection against external influences.
  • The core of glued laminated timber gives the ASSYX DuroBOARD® high bending strength with an E-module ≥ 10,000 N/mm².  Because the long wood fibres give a very stable construction – this guarantees excellent vibration transmission.
  • With its 10 mm chamfer and bevelled edges, the ASSYX DuroBOARD® has an unmistakable design.