Commissioning Assistance

As your partner, it is always very important to us that we support you in the best possible way we can.
Of course, before moving forward with the replacement of your boards, we would make a personal visit to your plant to see how your production unit is set-up.

That way, we are always on-hand to check all necessary settings and can often suggest changes which may improve your production.

Following-on we are also available to support you at any time after delivery of your ASSYX DuroBOARDs®.

With this in mind, please don’t hesitate to contact us at any time for advice.


No matter how much care is taken, it is always possible that accidental damage can occur during the production process.

However, this is not a problem when dealing with the ASSYX DuroBOARD®.
Using the ASSYX Repair Kit, minor damage to boards can be easily remedied on-site without the need to send the boards away for refurbishment.

ASSYX DuroBOARD® Manual Repair-Kit (PDF) 

More consequential damage to boards may obviously require further detailed repair, but this can always be carried out by us in our workshops in Andernach.

We can remove the outer coating of a board, repair the damaged area and then renew the coating, which will then offer you a repaired product which has the aspect of a brand-new board.

Repairs of either nature can be carried out at any time upon request.

Returning old Boards

At any point, when the life of a board has expired, we would be very happy, to take back your old boards for a sustainable Recycling.