The principle of this development is the symbiosis of a dimensionally stable, bend-proof and torsion-resistant core of glued laminated timber and an extremely impact and wear resistant cover of polyurethane.

The ASSYX DuroBOARD® is:

  • wear and impact resistant,
  • weather-proof (can be stored outside),
  • temperature resistant between -25°C and +90°C (ideal for curing chambers and vapour systems),
  • waterproof (can be washed-off easily),
  • chemical resistant (you can use both biodegradable or mineral oil release agents),
  • rigid (E-Module ≥ 10.000 N/mm², similar to hard wood),
  • high impact resistant (no cracks will appear),
  • structurally stable (can be dropped),
  • easy to handle (light as wood)
  • when fully coated it will never change its condition and continue to transmit constant vibration over the whole of the pallet area for many years to come (with shorter vibration time there is a reduced cycle time and energy costs).

Pallet protection plates are no longer required. No more poor arises, cracking or uneven densities and strengths.

Many reasons to invest in ASSYX DuroBOARDs®. But the most important reason is the satisfaction our customers all over the world have experienced using our pallets for over 10 years. The ASSYX DuroBOARDs® are available in most common sizes, i.e. widths: 800–1800 mm; lengths: 500-1400 mm; thicknesses: 30-60 mm.

Your benefits

Increase your productivity and improve the quality of your concrete building materials. Increase your range of products.

Giving many years of constant and outstanding quality.

Your benefits

Maximize your profit by using ASSYX DuroBOARDs®. Benefit by the durability and quality for a long troublefree operation.

  • Using ASSYX DuroBOARD® increases your productivity up to 25%.
  • Using ASSYX DuroBOARD® results in 100% blocks. Stone by stone.

This guarantees an optimum amortisation of the ASSYX DuroBOARD® investment.